Self-Care Retreat

Come and fill your spiritual cup at PCC’s 2019 Self Care Retreat. Your registration cost includes two hotel nights, all meals, and four immersion prayer experiences as a way to expand your “prayer toolbox”. The “off the beaten path” prayer experiences offer clergy and/or clergy spouses the opportunity to explore spiritual disciplines that attendees either haven’t tried or would like to know more about. Each immersion prayer experience will be offered in a safe to be curious environment with a time of explanation as well as a time to practice and ask questions. By planning time to practice, it is our hope that attendees will leave the retreat confident enough to incorporate up to four new ways to praise, connect to God, and fill their spiritual cups through their private prayer practice.

Drive in after church on Sunday, May 19. Enjoy dinner, worship, and a prayer experience on Sunday. Monday begins with breakfast and includes two prayer experiences and weather permitting a hayrack ride and a bonfire with optional s’mores. On Tuesday the last prayer experience will be offered as well as closing worship and Communion all before noon when the retreat is over. If you would like some “me time” there are plenty of included indoor and outdoor activities including: horseshoes, billiards, miniature golf, archery, and hiking to name a few.

The front desk phone number of the Lake Williamson Christian Retreat Center is 217-854-4824 if you need further directions or have questions about the facilities.

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Continuing Education Credit

While attending sessions is always up to you, BOOM is offering units of Continuing Education credit to those who attend all sessions. Regardless of whether you plan to attend all workshops, this retreat does qualify for Continuing Education funds. If you attend a workshop at each session, you can bring back a CE certificate.The IGRC Board of Ordained Ministry will grant Continuing Education credit to any participant who attends the ENTIRE Self-Care event. Check the box to be eligible for CEU's.

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