Conference Meeting Room Reservation Request

Once form is submited we will send an email confirming space availablibility. 

Contact Person for this request

Please complete the information listed below as to who is making the request for room space. 

*First Name
*Last Name
*Name of Group requesting Meeting Space
*Requested Start Date of Meeting

Please enter month, day and year of your meeting (MM/DD/YYYY)

*Starting Time of Meeting

Please indicated both a a starting time and ending time for your meeting

*Requested End Date of Meeting

Please enter month, day and year your meeting will end (MM/DD/YYYY). This will be the same date as the start for a single-day meeting. For multi-day meetings, the date will be different.

*Ending Time of Meeting
For multi-day meetings, please indicate times of meeting for each day
Headcount for the meeting

Due one week in advance for setup and meal

*Request for Coffee Setup? (includes hot water and ice water)
*Request for meals to be provided

Meals can be provided; however, the cost will be billed to the group making the reservation.The meal count will use the headcount provided a week in advance of the meeting.

Special dietary requests

Please indicate in box below

Other Special Requests
*Audio/Visual Requests
Lifesize Video Web Conferencing
Projector and screen (provided through a wireless connection to the room's flat panel)
Podium with microphone
Handheld microphone
Lapel microphone
Conference phone (audio calls only; not needed with Lifesize)
No A/V needed

*Room Arrangement
Classroom (with tables)
Theater (rows of chairs; no tables)
Closed square
U-Shape (square with open side)
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