Pastor's Recommendation -- E4 Leadership Initiative

Thank you for recommending a Young Adult for the E4 Young Adult Leadership Initiative!  Please complete the following recommendation and submit it by July 15, 2019.

The E4 Young Adult Leadership Training Initiative invites 6-12 young adult leaders from around the IGRC to commit to meeting together virtually, learning leadership skills through CliftonStrengths (formally Strength Finders), praying for one another, and developing a ministry plan in conversation with church leaders they work with.  A recommendation from their pastor is necessary as part of the application process.

Your Contact Information
*First Name
*Last Name
*Address 1
*Name of the Person you are recommending
*How long have you known this applicant? In what type of relationship?
*How have you seen the applicant grow and mature spiritually?
*How does the applicant relate with people in leadership over him/her? Please provide examples.
How have you seen the applicant demonstrate positive and negative influence on a group? Please answer completely.
*What leadership roles at your church does this applicant assume?
*The Young Adult Leadership Training Initiative requires a $50 registration fee to cover the cost of materials. Is the church willing to pay all or part of that registration fee on behalf of the participant?
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