2019 College of Christian Life

The 2019 College of Christian Life will be held Aug. 12-14 at the Embassy Suites, 100 Conference Center Drive in East Peoria. A complete schedule is found in the event brochure which is downloadable. Make hotel reservations by calling Embassy Suites at 309-694-0200 or visit www.embassysuiteseastpeoria.com prior to July 14. Be sure to ask for CCL rate (Code: CCL) of $116 plus tax per night (complimentary breakfast and wifi included at this rate).

Prayer and the Miraculous

The College of Christian Life, a clergy and laity retreat, will welcome Dr. Terry Teykl on Aug. 12-14, 2019. The two-day retreat, held at the Embassy Suites in East Peoria, will have six teaching sessions with Dr. Teykl on the topic Prayer and the Miraculous.

Our Mission

  • Building the Church in Prayer
  • Engage people to pray for those who do not know Jesus
  • Teach people to minister to the needs of others through prayer
  • Ensure that pastors are intentionally prayed for
  • Facilitate the building of places of prayer

To reach these goals, Terry Teykl conducts Prayer Encounter seminars through our partnership with Prayer Point Press. In addition, Prayer Point offers a variety of Dr. Teykl's resources to assist people in the growth of their prayer life and to enhance their relationship with God.

Prayer provides what money or effort or work cannot. Dr. Teykl will teach from Luke 11:1-13 and Luke 18:1-8 and other scriptures to help us pray effectively and without ceasing the promises of scripture in times of uncertainty. We can pray with "shameless audacity" knowing if God said it, then that settles it. The essence of this praying with shameless audacity will be applied in the following sessions:

  • Session 1: "God Would Give You a Beer Joint If You Asked Him"
  • Session 2: "The Presence-Based Church in Contrast to the Consumer-Based Church"
  • Session 3: "How to Have a Healing Ministry in Your Church Without Making it Sick"
  • Session 4: "Acts 29: Inviting the Holy Spirit to Repeat the Book of Acts in Your Life and Community"
  • Session 5: "Building the House of Prayer"
  • Session 6: "How to Pray After You Have Kicked the Dog"
Dr. Terry Teykl

Rev. Dr. Terry TeyklDr. Terry Teykl is currently a prayer pastor for the Faithbridge United Methodist Church in Spring, Texas. He also serves as chaplain for a Christian radio station known as KSBJ. For eight years they have been inviting their listeners to pray the Lord's Prayer at noon. Now, thousands pray across Houston and the Gulf Coast and the results have been phenomenal. As a result, Dr. Teykl is taking this idea to the local church in every time zone to pray in the same manner. He believes if we can wrap the world in the Lord's Prayer, God's Will will be done and evil will be curtailed. His presentations are mixed with umor and real life stories of people finding a better communication with the Father. He thrives on offering creative ways to make God real to a hurting world. He lives in Houston with his wife of more than 50 years and his two dogs. He has 10 grandchildren who are a delight to his life. In his spare time, he teaches on the staff of the Bible Seminary in Houston.

A Word from Terry Teykl

"Our vision is to see Jesus magnified and to see the Church build bridges between denominations, promote racial healing and seek to love the hurting and disenfrachised. We believe that when prayer and evangelism are reunited that the Church will emerge as a powerful force for reclaiming the land and setting the captives free."





Worship Leader: Rich Rubietta

Rich RubiettaRev. Rich Rubietta is a Circuit Riding Musicianary, criss-crossing the Midwest each week to create family-friendly worship experiences with your local church musicians. 

With the creative use of music, multiple generations enjoy upbeat worship experiences that defy categories of traditional or “contemporary.” Rich has a music degree from Northwestern University, an MDiv. from Trinity Divinity School in Deerfield and pastors churches in Freeport, Morris, Joliet and Grayslake. His mission is to use God’s gift of music to help bring people closer to God and to one another. Please see UMCalive.com or richrubietta@gmail.com for more details.




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