AC 2020 Special Offerings

Use this form to make offerings to the various designated ministries listed below or you may donate through your local church which will send the funds when they remit their monthly amounts to the Conference. The latter eliminates the processing fee that is associated with online giving.

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John Kofi Asmah Maintenance Fund

Laity from the Illinois Great Rivers Conference raised funds to construct the John Kofi Asmah School, located in the West Point section of Monrovia, Liberia.

This year's offering will be to provide funding for maintenance costs of the school.

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Our Conference, Our Kids

A $2.5 million campaign to provide funding for the spiritual life programs at The Baby Fold, Chaddock, Cunningham Children's Home, Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House and Spero Family Services (formerly the United Methodist Children's Home) was approved by the 2016 Annual Conference and launched in 2017.

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Tom Brown Scholarship, Wiley College

The Tom Brown Scholarship is one which assists a student of Wiley College, one of the 11 historical Black Colleges. Beginning in 1987, the former Central Illinois conference, named a scholarship in memory of the Rev. Tom Brown, a long-time supporter of the Marshall, Texas-based school.  Rev. Brown was often the one who stood at the microphone after the presentation by the visiting Black College intern and would move that the annual conference session take up a special offering for Wiley College.  Rev. Brown’s daughter, Sharon Brown, is the director of Kumler Outreach Ministries in Springfield.

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Ordinands' Trip

An offering will also be taken for the Ordinands' Trip in 2021. This trip, which will include the Classes of 2020 and 2021, is used to form spiritual leaders at the beginning of their ministry. 

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Credit Card Fee

To defray the processing costs associated with your offerings, please consider a gift of at least 3 percent of your total offerings to offset the cost of using a credit card.

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